Healthy Food For All

Homemade Baby Food Workshops

What is it?

It is a 2 hour workshop for new parents. It is an opportunity to talk about baby food, prepare baby food, take home information, baby food and recipes, taste test homemade and commercial baby food. Talk with other new parents.


Throughout the year, whenever 10 new parents are registered for the workshop.

Who can come?

New parents, their babies and expecting parents.


Throughout the community based on available space.

What can parents expect/why would I go here?

Expect to have a chance to talk with other parents, and be ready to cook and taste foods for your baby. Lots of hand outs from dietitians to take home as well as recipes and the food prepared at the workshop.

Contact information:

Midwest Food Resources
Battlefords: 446-2684 or
Lloydminster: 825-2606 or