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Collective Kitchens

What is it?

A small group of people (3 – 7) get together each month to plan, shop and prepare several meals to take home to their families. Participants contribute to the cost of the food.


Collective kitchen groups meet twice a month all year. Group members and the kitchen leader meet based on availability of those in the group, a space to cook in, and child care if required.

Who can come?

Anyone can join a collective kitchen group.


Collective kitchens get together in schools, churches and kitchens in our community.

What can parents expect/why would I go here?

Collective kitchen members meet with a kitchen leader to decide what they would like to make and learn together. Each member brings at least $2 for each person they will cook for and their ideas. They decide on recipes they would like to make together based on likes, dislikes and allergies of members and their families. They figure out how many servings they will make as well as how many different dishes. They make a grocery list and budget. The next time they meet to shop for the food and cook it. Each member should bring enough containers to take all of their food home for their family. If they want to they can share a meal together at the cooking day, they can plan for this. Once all of the food is prepared and packaged and the kitchen is cleaned up, members take the food home that they have made.

Contact information:

Midwest Food Resources
Battlefords: 306-446-2684 or
Lloydminster: 306-825-2606 or